Project Management and Consulting

Our customers operate among the most complex, fast-paced and technically challenging industries in the world. They rely on us for Project Management and Consultancy services that bring a high degree of clarity, efficient coordination, provide the right agenda and deliver the desired results.

Avenir recognizes that relationships are the foundation of our Project Management and Consultancy services. Establishing everlasting relationships are key to completely understanding clients’ aspirations and expectations, and selecting the right mix of personnel expertise.

Avenir’s differentiating factor is a mix of understanding the models and the methodologies together with access to countless hours of sector experience. This assists us to identify the applicable risks and opportunities in the initial stages.

Avenirs’s diverse capabilities in engineering and project management services make it a preferred partner in project management and consulting.

Services We Provide

  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Support Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Technical Evaluation of Long Lead Items (LLI)
  • Change Management
  • Interface Management